Is it Dinner or Supper

Five years ago when I was married I discovered that my new husband and I spoke different languages. I call our big meal of the day(meat and potatoes) when served at noon  is called dinner.  He insists dinner is served at the end of the day; says that the noon meal is lunch.  It can’t be lunch I said because lunch is just  a soup and sandwich  type of meal. So the solution when I put the dinner on the table at noon, he eats his lunch and in the evening he has a sandwich for dinner–Compromise is what a good marriage is based on. Actually we get along very well considering that he was married 52 years to his first wife and we had some catching up to do.

John is an engineer and measures everything,has to make sure  the sheet on the bed hangs exactly as low on one side as the other-goes from side to side checking several times until it’s right! He makes the bed, you see while I make myself scarce.  I can’t stand such precision for making a bed-only rocket launches need that due diligence-actually come to think of it that’s exactly what he did before retiring-he was an aerospace rocket engineer. The only other problem is loading the dishwasher-I just put the dishes in wherever they will fit.  He says that the racks were engineered specifically hold the plates,saucers,cups saucers etc.  just so .  I load the dishwasher during the day and before he starts it,he rearranges everything   There you go compromise!!

Actually any husband who makes a bed and loads a dishwasher is my kind of guy!!


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