When Other People Think You’re Old

I remember the first time someone offered to carry my groceries to the car and realized that I really did look my age and that people thought I was old.  My mirror had been telling me the same thing but you know you really can’t trust mirrors. My daughter told me that her friend had said I was looking for her-I knew that her friend didn’t have a clue as to who I was and asked how she knew it was her mother. She told me that her friend had  told her “an old lady had asked for her”-somehow my daughter knew it was me. I can’t forget my shock. I had been called an old lady!

When the waitress called me “dearie” –not so uusual down South but here in New England it was a first for me.  Anyway I don’t feel any different but there are signs that others regard me as elderly-When I ask for them to repeat directions they almost shout their reply.

My adult children suddenly know much more than I and tell me all the ways “things have changed” and explain much more than necessary.

I don’t feel any different and each morning I am surprised at the rather wrinkled senior citizen I see in the looking glass.. I feel as alive and vital as I ever was but I know others are questioning my assumption.

I begin to worry now if I can’t remember the name of that actor from yesteryear appearing in a classic movie, things that I used as a child are now appearing in antique shops and heaven forbid, museums. When people who I know are younger than I, are called elderly in the newspaper or on the TV news, when people explain the obvious to me…I know it has happened. Funny without these clues I would not know –I’m OLD.


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  1. Old is an ambiguous term. So is young. I don’t think anyone ever reaches “old” unless they think they have.
    This made me think of the time my grandfather(who was about 62) was shopping for ponies and a man of about 90 kept referring to him as “young fella”. I had not considered he was a young fellow to someone else! What an eye opener 🙂

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