Getting Started and User Name

It was not easy to find a user name because all the good ones have been taken so this username is as close to what I wanted as I could get.  I guess the real idea is to keep trying.  You see, I graduated from college 18 years after I entered as a Freshman,I married my husband ,John at age 70.  Some things take a while to get them right-just keep trying!  A little background on STRIVING …When I was young ,my place at the dinner or supper table(more on this another day) was at my father’s left.  Each night(yes we always sat down together for meals ) at the  supper table he would ask what we had learned that day during school and asked for any grades we had received that day. I was a good student and if I mentioned that I had received 100% he said I should have a grade of 110%. Also being the oldest I was told that our family, especially my sisters(did I mention that I am the oldest of 5 ?) ,would have to follow behind me in school and everything I did would reflect on them and our family name. So there the  standard was set. If I tried to explain some failure on my part, I was told that I should not be “alibi ike”. That was long before Eisenhower was president so where that name came from is a mystery. Horatio Alger was my hero, I never read those books but from what I heard he made something of himself. So even today I believe if I tried a little harder I could do a better job.


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